Equal Education


Equal Education's Democractically Elected National Council

Chairperson: Yoliswa Dwane


Born in Eastern Cape Yoliswa did her primary and secondary schooling there before moving to the Western Cape to study. She received degrees in Film, Media and Visual Studies and in Law from UCT. In 2008, she co-founded EE and since has worked to build this movement. She has headed the Policy, Research and Communication unit of EE and became EE’s first spokesperson and first democratically elected Chairperson. She is very passionate and committed to the struggle of the working class and the poor – fighting for equality and quality education, human dignity. In 2010, she was selected as one of the 200 young South African leaders by the Mail and Guardian. In 2011, she was selected to be in the M&G Book of Women which recognized influential women who occupy positions of power in our society and who are doing transformative work. She was selected as one of the 26 Young African Women Leaders by US First Lady Michelle Obama. She is also a founding trustee of EELC and member of the UCT Council – the governance structure of that University.


Deputy Chairperson Equaliser: Buhle Booi

Buhle is 17 years old. He believes his purpose is to elevate mankind’s faith and fill the world with justice because all human life has equal worth. It is for this reason that he became an equaliser. He has been a member of the Leadership Committee and has served in the position of Deputy Chair on the NC for about a year already. He knows its challenges and is ready to tackle them.


Deputy Chairperson Post School Youth: Tracey Malawana

Tracey was born and bred in Gauteng. She fell in love with leadership at a very young age. She was appointed to serve as the chairperson of peer supporters in Gauteng, when she was in Grade 11, and became LRC President when she was in Grade 12. She has been an equaliser, facilitator, Community Leader and now serves as a Junior Organiser. Tracey is also a Public Relations student at UNISA. She lives to serve her community and believes in equality and justice. She loves her work with EE and believes that as Deputy Chairperson she will be able to represent her fellow members effectively and will be able to properly address their grievances within the movement. 


General Secretary: Tshepo Motsepe

Before his election as General Secretary, Tshepo Motsepe served as co-head of EE in Gauteng. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education with honours. Currently completing his Master’s degree, Tshepo is a former Wits SRC member, Wits SASCO branch treasurer, and the former Regional Secretary of SASCO in Johannesburg. 


Deputy General Secretary: Ntuthuzo Ndzomo

Ntuthuzo Ndzomo joined EE in 2008 as an equalizer. In 2009 he was part of the first Leadership Committee of EE which was known then as the Crisis Committee. After working as a facilitator in 2010, he spearheaded a new youth group in Mitchells Plain in 2011. In that same year he was nominated by his fellow facilitators to represent Post-School youth on EE’s board. In 2012 at EE’s first National Congress he was elected as Deputy Chairperson for Post-School Youth. In 2013, while a student at UCT, he served on UCT’s EE Society Executive Committee. That same year he was responsible for the training of the Community Leaders in the Western Cape. In 2014 he worked on bridging the gap between the NC and the membership as a NC liaison officer. Before his election as Deputy General Secretary he served as the Head of the Youth Department in the Western Cape. Ntuthuzo has a BA in History, Politics, and Public Policy & Administration from UCT.


Treasurer: Doron Isaacs

Doron co-founded EE in 2008. He served as Coordinator for four and a half years until July 2012. He served for three years as Deputy General Secretary. He has strong relationships with almost all of EE donors, and as treasurer will work to ensure continued good funding. While he wants to stay involved in the movement he also is dedicated to supporting new leaders.


Post School Youth Representative: Niek Marutha

Niek has been with the movement since 2013, joining as an equaliser. He has been a facilitator for a year and half and believes it has been a very worthwhile experience. For him, Equal Education has been a platform of learning. He is very committed to the movement and considers being part of Change to be his everyday goal.


Post School Youth Representative: Zintle Tomose

Zintle Timose is 21 years old. She is doing her second year at CPUT for mathematical technology. She has been involved with Equal Education for 5 years. She began as an Equaliser and then participated in the Community Leadership Programme where she worked as Head of the Litha Park area. Throughout these experiences she became more politically aware and gained many skills. As a facilitator, she works to pass these skills on to the Equalisers she engages with. She has also written a number of articles speaking on EE’s work and youth issues in South Africa. Currently, she works for Health e-news as a citizen journalist expressing youth views and youth dynamics.


Parent Representative: Daphne Erosi

Daphne was born in Cape Town in 1963. At the age of 3 she moved to her mother’s home in the Eastern Cape where was raised and educated. She started schooling at Maletswai Lower Primary School and Malcomess Secondary School, but circumstance forced her to drop out before she completed Matric. In 1982 she moved back to Cape Town and worked as a domestic worker for almost 14 years. In 1998 she registered at Chris Hani High School in Makhaza (Khayelitsha) for Grade 11 and in 1999 Daphne got her Matric Certificate for Grade 12 at the age of 37. She joined Prevention in Action in 2011 (preventing violence against women and children). Due to her sway in the community she was appointed as a community influencer. Later in that year she heard about Equal Education while attending a parents’ meeting at Matthew Goniwe High School. Since then she has never looked back. She believes EE has empowered and motivated her and other parents to be active and assist their children in achieving their dreams. She thinks working with parents is fun and challenging as there are so many issues they are faced with. She is so encouraged by EE’s fight for quality education that she is now a part time student at UCT, in an Adult Education course.


Parent Representative: Dumile Runwana

Dumile was born in Qumbu, Eastern Cape, but grew up in Cape Town. He lives in New Crossroads in Nyanga. He is an organiser with SANCO, New Cross branch. He is also the treasurer in Gugulethu CPF. He is married with one child. He joined EE in June 2014 and has been a loyal member since.


Equaliser Representative: Sisipho Mandla

Sisipho is a passionate, committed and dedicated member of EE. He engages in as many of EE’s activities as he can, giving nothing less than his very best. While he hasn’t been in EE for very long he has proven himself to be an asset to the movement. Sisipho already has had a number of experiences as a leader: he was head prefect in grade 7, class representative in grades 8 and 9, grade representative in grade 10, and a prefect in grades 11 and 12. He is not afraid to express himself and his views publicly.


Equaliser Representative: Thato Mashego 

Thato Mashego is an Equaliser from Rivoni Secondary School in Daveyton. Last year he was part of the mobilising team at Rivoni. He was the first equaliser at his school, responsible for introducing EE to the Rivoni community. He has been with EE for two years. He is a hard worker and a good listener, and he believes it is his communication skills which will most empower him to be an effective representative on the National Council. 


Equaliser Representative: Sinekhaya Mbengo 

Sinekhaya has been an equaliser for four full years and has been serving on the Leadership Committee for three years. He has previously served as an equaliser representative, and is confident that he can continue to do an effective job in the position. He knows what it takes and looks forward to its challenges. He is honoured to be a tool for the movement and is committed to fighting for EE’s vision and mission


Equaliser Representative: Fanelesibonge Shezi

Fanelesibonge Shezi was born on the 8th of June in 1998. She is currently doing grade 11 at Esikhumbazweni Secondary School in KZN. She ran for this position because she considers herself an open person who accepts people for who they are, not what they have. She has made a commitment to do her duty to other equalisers by struggling for social equality in education. She promises to defend the rights of equalisers, respect her fellow members of the National Council, and treat all equalisers as equals. 


Eastern Cape Representative: Anda January

Anda was born and raised in the Eastern Cape by a strong single mother who taught him love, respect and companionship. He believes those are the corner stones that best defines him as a leader and humbles him as an individual. He is a strong self-motivated person capable of gaining the support of others to face difficulties and conquer obstacles. He works better in a team as he believes no one can do it alone. 


Gauteng Representative: Thabang Mabuza

Thabang Eric Mabuza is a dedicated individual who is committed to Equal Education. He began as an equaliser and has continued to be a part of the community volunteering as a facilitator. He has good communication skills and outstanding leadership qualities that will help to uphold the Equal Education’s reputation as a victorious movement provincially and nationally. He has committed himself to always advocate for a better represented Gauteng while fulfilling the mission and vision of Equal Education. Viva EE Viva!


KwaZulu-Natal Representative: Samukelisiwe Kunene

Samukelisiwe, or Samu, is a very calm people person. She believes that respect for other people is essential if we want to be respected ourselves. She has been a KZN facilitator for more than six months now, and has shown her leadership through her personality and work. She believes education is an essential part of life which is why she has chosen to dedicate herself to Equal Education. 


Limpopo Representative: Lesetja John Sema

Lesetja John Sema is a facilitator in Limpopo who cares deeply about what equalisers need. He is passionate about what he does. Lesetja believes is it is important to inspire positivity in the minds of youth, so that they can achieve what they want. For Lesetja, becoming the Limpopo provincial representative means doing what he has always wanted, which is to help his province be recognized and have its needs heard.


Western Cape Representative: Thokozile Qalanto

Thoko joined EE in 2009 as an equaliser and was elected to be part of the Leadership Committee in 2010. In 2011, she volunteered as a facilitator. A year later she was recruited to mentor the Leadership Committee of 2012. Also in that year she was a volunteer intern supporting EE’s summer camp and working in EE’s Campaigns Department, organising the transport for Camp. In 2013 she finished a course in Office Admin and joined the Campaigns team as a full time intern. She is a consistently effective and successful administrator for EE, having helped to organize many events that the movement has hosted.

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